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November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Platter

~Pilgrim Hat~

~Pumpkin Pie~
Inspired by a cookie I saw on Cookie Crumbs. 

~Turkey and Leaves~


We were invited to our friends house this Thanksgiving.  Of course I needed to bring some cookies.  Here is the platter I made to bring with us.  Thank you Chris and Mark for making us feel so at home.  We had a wonderful day!

November 23, 2010

Turkey Cookie Favors

~Turkey cookie and cookie bites~

These favors were made for two separate orders.  One going to upstate NY and the other off to Long Island. 
 Thanks Diane and Mom!

Turkey Cookies

~Turkey Cookies~

I made this platter of cookies to be sent off to NY.  The platter was lots of turkeys and cookie bites.
Thanks Diane!! 

Computer Cookies

~Computer Cookie~

So when I got the e-mail to make computer cookies, I thought how in the world am I going to do these.  We'll with some brainstorming and lots of sketches, this is what I came up with.  I'm pretty happy with the end result!
Thanks Diane for the order!!

Sweet Pea!

~ Sweet Pea~

I made these cookies to send off to my niece who just had a little baby boy Bentley.  The design was inspired by some cookies I saw on Cookies are my Canvas!  Christina was so nice to let me use her design. :)  When I saw them, I knew I had to make them for this little guy. 
Congratulations Renee and David!!

November 20, 2010

Leave Cookies

I made these cookies for our preschool bake sale!  Best of luck this weekend!  

Cupcake and Birthday Cake Cookies

These cookies were actually made out of chocolate chip cookies.  Now, I love chocolate chip cookies and had fun making these.  They were hard to decorate because of the chocolate chips and it not being flat, but I like the way they came out!
Thanks again Madalene!!

Mud Slide please!!!!

Do these make you want to go out and have a drink?  I do!!  These cookies were made to look like a mudslide drink.  Thanks Madalene for your order!!!

Birthday Cake Cookies

~Birthday Cake Cookies~

These were sent off to NY to help celebrate a special birthday!
Thank you Pat for your repeat biz!!!

November 16, 2010

Turkey Cookies

~Turkey Cookies~

So here is a fun take on a turkey cookie.  I was surfing the web the other day and came across this cookie.  I can't remember where I saw it but thought it was darling.  This week, I was in charge of bringing in snack for both my daughters and sons preschool class.  I, of course, think cute turkey cookie.  According to my daughter, they were a hit and I'm so glad there were. 

More Bowling Cookies

~Bowling Pin Cookies~

Bowling parties have been big in my area this year.  These were made to help celebrate a 5th birthday!!
Happy Birthday Peyton!  Hope you had a fun time at your party!
Thanks Elisa and Scott!

November 11, 2010

Baby Girl Cookie Platter

~ Baby Girl Cookie Platter~

This platter of bottles and rattles is on it's way to Sacramento, CA to help welcome a precious baby girl!  Congratulations Danielle and Michael on the birth of Molly!  She is beautiful!

Cookie Bite Platter

~Cookie Bite Platter~

This platter is off to San Francisco to welcome a new baby girl to the family!
Congratulations Denise and Frank on the birth of your first granddaughter!!
Molly is precious!!

Football Platter

~ Football Platter~

These cookies are off to Buffalo, NY to help celebrate a football lovers birthday!
Happy Birthday Matt!! 

November 2, 2010

Margarita Anyone???

These margarita cookies were sent to Las Vegas to celebrate a "repeat" 59th birthday!
Happy Birthday Cherri!
Thank you Aunt Denise for your continued support!

# 5 Cookies and cookie bite platters

I made these #5 cookies and cookie platters for my little girls 5th birthday party.  I also made cookie favors that were sent home with each child. 
Happy 5th Birthday Olivia!!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

PS~  I also made pink and brown cupcakes to match the cookies.  Of course, they were all eaten before I could take a picture.

Tea Cup Cookies

~Tea Cup cookies~

These cookies were sent to NY to help celebrate a 94th birthday! 
Happy 94th Birthday Mrs. Hopkins!!
Thanks Aunt Denise for your repeat biz!!!


I made these for my little girls 5the birthday party at school.  She requested purple and pink and that's just what she got!

Halloween Cupcakes

Yummy!!  These were made for a Halloween party!

Lots and lots of Spiders

For Halloween, I received some orders for Hairy spider cookies.  Of course, my camera was not charged and I didn't get a chance to take some pictures.  My house was invaded by them!!  LOL!!  These cookies were made as a special thank you to some teachers and as student favors.

Hairy Spider Cookies

~ Hairy Spider cookies~
These were made for a Halloween celebration.
Thank you Lindsay for your order! 
 Looking forward to working with you again.

Halloween inspired candy wrapper cookies

~Candy Wrapper~

~All wrapped up and ready to go~

These cookies were sent to IL to help celebrate a birthday!
Hope you had a great day Bill!!

Princess cookies~ Sleeping Beauty inspired

~All wrapped up and ready to go~

~Princess Crown~

~ Sleeping Beauty~

These cookies were sent off to MN for a sweet little girls 6th birthday.  She loves Sleeping Beauty!
Happy Birthday Reese!  I hope you had a fabulous day!
Thank you Melanie and John!!