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April 29, 2012

First Communion Crosses

These cookies are off to NY to help with a First Communion Celebration!  Thank you so much Colleen for your order!  It was a pleasure and so nice to get back in touch.  God Bless Alyssa!!!

Hip, Hop and Pop! Fresh Beat Band Cookies

My sweet niece is turning 3 this weekend!!  She's having a Fresh Beat Band party!  These are off to NY for her and her party guests.  Love you Caroline!!  We hope you have an awesome party!!!!!

Bowling Pins!!

These cookies are off to IL to help a little guy celebrate his birthday!  We added personalized bowling pin tags to each cookie!  Thank you so much Gwen for your order.  It was a pleasure!  I hope you little guy has a great birthday!

April 23, 2012

Bowling Pins!

These are off to NJ!  Thank you so much Michele!!  I hope you have a fantastic party day!!!

Lego Men!

Thank you Suzanne for your order!  I hope your son had a great Lego themed birthday party!!!

Bees and Bee Hives

These are off to WA as a get well!  Thank you Aunt Denise!!!

April 15, 2012

Thomas the Train

Thomas the train is off to New Jersey for a little guys birthday!  I have seen the stacked Thomas cookie before and just loved it.  Thanks Loren from The Baking Sheet for the idea!!
Thank you so much Megan!!  I hope your little guy has the best birthday!  Thanks for thinking of me!!!
* Thanks also to The Cookie Mama for the inspiration for this one.*

April 9, 2012

Nurse's Scrubs

Thank you cookies off to NY to thank some nurses for their extra special care.  Thanks Mimi!!

Dinosaur Cookies

Green and blue dinosaurs!!!  Mom asked to add the #5 to the dinosaur.  Thank you so much Daisy for your order!  I hope your son has a wonderful 5th birthday!

Happy Easter!!

Last minute Easter cookies sent off to NY!!!