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April 11, 2010

MOPS Cookies

~MOPS Cookie~
Mothers of Preschoolers

I made these cookies to bring with me to our local MOPS group.  I was asked to bring in some cookies so I decided why not make them look like the logo.  I think they came out pretty good for my first try.


  1. Hi Julie! It has been so much fun checking out everyone's blog with CookiersRus! But I saw your MOPS cookies and it brought back such memories for me! My oldest is 13 now, but I started attending MOPS when he was three. It was then I just started to decorate cakes and then I took a turn and started doing cookies. So glad to meet you!

  2. Hi Susan,

    Thank you so much!! I love my MOPS group and the ladies that attend it. It is such a breathe of fresh air to know that there are other moms that go through the same things that you do.
    Thanks for taking a look at my blog. I love your blog!! I actually go on from time to time to take a look at your newest creations. You are a very talented lady!! It was a pleasure to meet you as well and I look forward to getting to know you better.

  3. I love these cookie pictures. Is there anyway I could get your permission to use your photos at my church. You do amazing work! Thank you for loving such a vital ministry in the church!


  4. Hi Mindy,

    Thank you for your sweet comments. Sure...I don't mind. I was part of MOPS for a short time but I went back to work. I met so many wonderful ladies in MOPS.