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January 26, 2012

Owl Cookies for Chi Omega Sorority

These cookies are off to the University of Missouri!  Erin is being initiated into the Chi Omega Sorority this Saturday.  The owl is their symbol and red/yellow are their colors.  Thank you so much Holly!!  I appreciate your business!!  I hope Erin has a great weekend!!


  1. These cookies are SO delicious! I posted a picture on facebook and all of my sisters loved them as well. Thank you for making such adorable and perfect owls!! (and thank you Mom) ;)


  2. Hi Erin......so glad you liked them and congratulations!!! It was my pleasure to make them for you!! I have a page on FB and I would love to see the picture you posted!! Hopefully it's with you and your new sorority letters!! You should be able to post to my Sweet Cakes page. Anyway, glad you enjoyed them!!!