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August 20, 2010

The Kissing Hand

~ The Kissing Hand~

As you know, I went back into the classroom this year.  It has been so much fun already and the children are wonderful.  On our first day, we read the book, "The Kissing Hand."  If you haven't read this story, it is one to read to your kids.  It's about a little raccoon Chester who is afraid to go to school.  His mom tell him a secret and kisses his left palm.  If Chester gets scared, all he has to do is press his left palm to his check and he knows his mom loves him.  I felt this would be a great way to start our school year and as the parents dropped off their children, we asked them to kiss their child's left palm.  It was so cute to see them doing it!! 
So, I of course, baked some cookies for our 1st day and thought this would be a great way to tie in the story.  The kids loved them!!!

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